Sequence and Annotation Files

Brownbanded bamboo shark [Chiloscyllium punctatum] (Cpunctatum_v1.0)
Genome, Gene model (FigShare), Transcriptome

Cloudy catshark [Scyliorhinus torazame] (Storazame_v1.0)
Genome, Gene model (FigShare), Transcriptome

Whale shark [Rhincodon typus] (Rtypus_kobe_v1.0)
Files in FigShare

Shark genome scaffolds adopted from earlier assembly versions
Manually curated shark/non-shark genes
(for details, see Supplementary Dataset S1 and S2 of Hara et al., 2018. Nat. Ecol. Evol.)

We continue working on chromosome-scale genome sequences of these species scaffolded by Hi-C. Please contact the corresponding author of the publication included below if you have any idea of collaboration.